Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Fall 2016 Newsletter

On July 26th, at the Chuo-Kominkan, IAK presented a special lecture meeting commemorating IAK’s 5th year, inviting two guest speakers, one is a Nobel laureate in physics in 2008, Dr. Makoto KOBAYASHI and another is Mr. Sei-ichi KONDO, former DG of the Agency of Cultural Affairs and ambassador. Both presented the forefront of Japanese international cooperation to an audience of about 110. KONDO spoke about present situation and problems to be solved of the Japanese international cooperation in development and peace. Dr. KOBAYASHI attracted an audience introducing modern particle physics research conducted in international cooperation.

IAK Joined the Fureai Festival again this year. IAK’s foreign members participated again to the Fureai Festival organized by the Social Welfare Council on October 2nd and exchanged with many town people by vending Russian crepe and tea, German sausage and fried cakes.

As the 5th event of IAK’s individual nation day, Iranian Day was presented on October 16th. Ms. ERIKO and Mr. Rajabi, both IAK members, introduced Iranian life, culture, etc, from ancient Persia to modern times. It was a good occasion to make about 40 participants know Iran by enjoying talks, Iranian tea and cakes,

Report of IAK Annual General Meeting 2016

The Meeting was held with 58 attendees and proxies at IAK office on May 15 Sun, 2016. The resolutions were made in favour to the following agenda:

1. Report of 2015 Revenues & Expenditures
Revenues (annual dues, donation, event admissions) 537,000
Expenditures (event costs, newsletters, office rent, stationaries) 670,441
Balance - 133,441
Surplus carried from 2015 369,085
Total 235,644
2. Forecast of 2016 Revenues & Expenditures
Revenues (same as in 2015) 725,000
Expenditures (same as in 2015) 737,000
Balance - 14,000
Surplus carried from 2015 235,644
Total 221,644

(Remarks) 1) Deficit in 2015 is due to office rent and it will be substantially covered by membership fees hike in 2016.
2) Expenditures in 2015 and 2016 include survey expenses with Matsumoto Univ. for inbound tourists in Karuizawa.
3. Re-election of officers
Chairman Hiroyuki Yamamoto re-elected
Vice-chairman Michiaki Takaishi re-elected
Director Thomas C. Koch re-elected
Director Hiroko Kobayashi re-elected
Director Shigeki Fukuoka re-elected
Director Yoriko Masuyama newly-elected
Director Tatiana Terashita newly-elected
Total 7 directors
Auditor Shigeru Yokoyama re-elected
Auditor Shigeru Dozono re-elected
Total 2 auditors
Y.Murata, Kazumi I. Frost and A.Gregson got retired. IAK express deep appreciation to their contributions.
Invitation to 2016 Bonenkai

1. Time & date : 19:00~ 21:30 Dec 11 Sun , 2016
2. Venue : Hotel Petit Reviere Karuizawa
709-2 Nagakura Shiozawa, Karuizawa
3. Program : Meal (Buffet), Music Band performance, Games
4. Admission : Yen 3,000 excluding beer 500 yen, wine 600 yen etc. Free below age 12.
5. Reservation only : Apply below by Dec 3 with your name and number of attendees. Reservation will be closed up to 60, due to space limit. tel/fax 0267-45-4101
6. The hotel accommodates only 30 car park space.

List of regular IAK events
Speakeasy Tue (1st) 19:00-21:00 Wellies or Hoshinoko
*Please confirm whether Hotel Wellies or Pension Hoshinoko is hosting on the IAK Homepage or Facebook.
Tue (2nd) " Sawamura Bakery & Restaurant in Kyu-Karuizawa
Tue (3rd) " Mototeca Coffee
Tue (4th) " Café Kurumi
*Free conversation in English & Japanese.
Avg. 20-30 participants in Summer and 10 in Winter.
Occasional 5th Tuesdays are held at random locations.
Daytime Chat Salon Thu (2nd and/or 4th) 13:30-15:30 Central Community Center
*Chat about topics decided by participants. (Chuo Komin-kan)
Avg. 5-8 participants.
Check schedule for details.
Japanese Class Every Wed. 9:00-11:00 Central Community Center
*Beginners to mid-level, grammar-focused, (Chuo Komin-kan)
300 yen per person and text book fee as needed.
*No class if fifth Wed. Schedule in next year: Jan.11,18,25. Feb.1,15,22..
Avg. 7 participants.
Badminton Every Wed. 18:00-20:00
Please see schedule on IAK Facebook.
Kazakoshi Multi-purpose Gymnasium
*Beginners to advanced charged at 400 yen per person (half for elementary school kids), including admission fee for Kazakoshi.
Need clean indoor gym shoes for the sports surface.
Avg. 10-20 participants.
Aikido Every Sun. 17:30-18:30 Kazakoshi Gym Sub Arena.
Every Thu. 09:00-10:00
*Room fee of 500 yen is shared between participants. Need comfortable clothing without zips or buttons.
Please check the schedule on IAK Facebook.
Avg. 2-4 participants.
Curling In Aug. (Athletic Association Cup) Karuizawa Ice Park (Kazakoshi)
In Dec. (Town Mayor's Cup.) Karuizawa Ice Park (Kazakoshi)
Practice:Irregular(Sunday 19:00-20:00) Karuizawa Ice Park (Kazakoshi)
*All levels. ¥100 for rental shoes. Fee for competitions are split between participants.
Avg. 4-5 participants.

The Work of Court Interpreter
Have you heard of a “Court Interpreter”? It sounds quite foreign to most of the Japanese people. When I turned 60 years old, I thought of contributing to the society, hopefully using my skill of English communication in the working environment at some foreign-affiliated firms in Japan. I successfully passed the examinations at Yokohama District Court, but it was difficult because the Japanese words for the court jargon were not familiar to many of us.

Regarding the court jargon, there are two reference books under the editorship of the Japanese court, but some of the corresponding words there are not correct any more. For example, in Yokohama District, many cases are drug-related, and the particular use of words are required to avoid any objections or claims from the defendant side. “Kakuseizai” has been interpreted as “stimulant” for some years, but nowadays it is more precisely interpreted as “amphetamine” because there was a case that a defendant claimed that even coffee/tea is a kind of stimulant. This I learned at the latest seminar by the Tokyo Higher Court in December this year.

At a court room, sitting just below a presiding judge, sometimes I regret why I accepted this scary job, but re-recognizing the importance of this responsibility and a good taste of beer after the work, I tend to say yes to the next request.
(Shigeki Fukuoka)

Application to New Membership
IAK is the organization to support foreign residents/visitors for living in Karuizawa, promote friendship among members/ local community and provide advice, information to make Karuizawa internationalized.

Annual dues by membership: Individual 2000 yen
Family 2500 yen
Corporate 10000 yen
Donation 2000 yen per unit
Apply to with name, kind of membership, contact details (postal address, e-mail, tel/fax) and remit annual due to :
Yucho Ginko (Japan Post Bank)
Karuizawa Kokusai-koryu Kyokai (IAK) NO. 00590-2-108934

(Any member who keeps 2016 annual due unpaid is requested to pay at earliest convenience.)