Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Karuizawa Junior High School Culture Exchange

IAK members are invited to Karuizawa Junior High School where 3rd year students wish to study about international exchange and co-habitation with foreigners for multi-cultural experience.

The third year students of the school study ecological preservation, volunteer activity, the Red Cross and donation culture, traditional culture and international exchange, by inviting local people who can stimulate the students in these study fields.

IAK members will participate with the international exchange study group of 12 students.

Date and time: from 8:15AM to 12:00PM on Wednesday, October 14th, 2015, 
Venue: Karuizawa Junior High School
Planned activities:
  • Introduction of IAK
  • Introduction of daily basic words of the native countries of the participating members, such as words of greetings, counting numbers or names of things
  • Introduction of the different cultures, such as food, clothing or religion
  • Workshop on how to collaborate with the foreigners to make this town better to live together
IAK members, Japanese and foreigners, who are interested in this cooperative activity, please contact (email: mktakaishi@nifty.com) by 2nd October.

Thanks for your cooperation, in advance.
IAK Vice Chairman

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

1.Are Foreign Visitors Satisfied with Karuizawa?
An interim report of our joint research project with Matsumoto University
As reported in the last IAK Newsletter, we have started to research whether foreign visitors to Karuizawa are satisfied with the tourism infrastructure and services and what improvements are needed. Prof. Masuyama, a fellow IAK member, along with her Matsumoto University students, will make recommendations to the town authority and the Tourism Office based on the research. Through their investigation and excursion around the town in last April, June and August, we hope to discover the charms of Karuizawa and areas that need improvement on behalf of foreigners on extended visits.
★Survey on Foreign Visitors Satisfaction in Karuizawa
IAK, together with Matsumoto University and Karuizawa Tourism Office, will conduct a survey of foreign visitors who stay here more than a night regarding their purpose of visit, length of stay, and satisfaction rate of the services (currency exchange or access to information, etc). The survey will be conducted this October in order to clarify short and long term improvement projects the town can move forward on. 
★Editing Guidebook for Foreign Tourists   
Meanwhile, we are also planning to edit a guidebook that addresses the needs of foreign visitors by March 2016. It will reintroduce charms of Karuizawa and a few relaxing paths to be enjoyed on foot or by bicycles, and hopefully encourage all visitors to stay here longer. The guidebook will also be available on our website.
★Members’ Contribution
IAK members are encouraged to direct specific improvement recommendations, such as dangerous roads for cycling, signs and guides needing to be corrected along with photos to Mr. Takaishi at mktakaishi@nifty.com

2. Report of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2015
On May 31 Sunday afternoon the 2015 AGM was held at Karuizawa Chuo-kominkan with 50 participants and 61 proxies with the following agenda:
1) Report of Revenue/Expenditure 2014 (unit: Yen)
Revenue                                                612,800
(Membership dues, donation and admission fee of events)
Expenditure                                             504,596     
(Events, Newsletters and administrative costs )   
Balance                                                 108,204
Surplus brought from 2013                                260,881
Total 2014 (carried over to 2015)                           369,085   

2) Forecast of Revenue/Expenditure 2015
Revenue                                                 570,000
(Membership dues, donation and admission fee of events)
Expenditure                                             737,000
(Events, Newsletters, office rent and administrative costs)
Balance                                                - 167,000
Surplus brought from 2014                                369,085
Total 2015 (to be carried over to 2016)                    -  202,085
The forecast includes the joint survey with Matsumoto Univ. for current tourism in Karuizawa and start-up of new IAK office in April. Visit the new office to have a look !

3) Revision of Annual Dues
                                     New rate            Current rate
Individual membership               2,000 yen             1,000 yen
Family membership                      2,500 yen                 1,500 yen
Corpotate/Group membership            10,000 yen               10,000 yen
Support(Donation) membership           2,000 yen/unit          1,000 yen/unit (Individual)
                                                           10,000 yen /unit (Corporate)
New rates will be effective from April 2016.
Current rates shall have been fixed since May 2012 when IAK established.

3. Launching of Karuizawa Town Committee for G8 Ministers Conference 2016
G8 Ministers of Transportation will assemble in Karuizawa on September 24 (Sat) and 25 (Sun) in 2016. Ministry of Land and Transportation will be in charge of hosting the Conference and attendees, supported by Nagano Prefecture Office and Karuizawa Town. For that purpose Town Office launched in July 2015 the Karuizawa Town Committee to work out necessary arrangements in coordination with Prefecture Government and IAK became a member of the Committee. For the first time, G8 Transportation Ministers will get together in Frankfurt Germany as a part of G8 Conference, in September, 2015.
The 2nd one will be here in Karuizawa. The G8 leaders conference next year in Japan will be in Toba, Mie Pref. in May, 2016.

7. IAK office open for member’s use
  • A meeting less than 10 attendees    free of charge
  • A meeting 50-60 attendees   charge of use
  • The above are accommodated with airconditioners and hot water boilers, available 9am to 5pm on weekdays/weekend/holidays unless occupied. Contact IAK Secretariat (See below) for reservation.

8 .Opening Member’s Corner of exchanging information on Newsletter
Among 200 IAK members, not all attend a weekly or annual event to know and talk each other.  Newsletter will start the column of member’s corner from the next issue where any member shows his/her self-introduction, hobby, invitation to their event, advertisement of own business etc. Send your message to IAK secretariat (See below) in the following manner:
  • A Newsletter will be issued three times a year and the next one to be around February 2016.
  • Any message from an individual, a family or a corporate/group, is welcome.
  • A short message, in case of Japanese less than 100 letters, is acceptable.

Unless the content of message is appropriate from IAK activities viewpoint may be turned down for printing.

9. Inquiry to International Association of Karuizawa (IAK)

 (Membership Application)
IAK welcomes anyone who is interested in the activities described below.
  1. Support of international residents and visitors
  2. Promotion of friendship among native and foreign residents
  3. Advice of improvement of city environment from international standard

Membership Annual fee
  1. Individual                    1,000 yen
  2. Family                          1,500 yen
  3. Group/Corporate        10,000 yen
  4. Support (Donation)      1,000 yen per unit  Individual/10,000 yen per unit  Corporate

Send an application mail to the above e-mail address by filling in the name, age, nationality, membership, communication means (e-mail address, tel and postal address)
and simultaneously transmit annual due to the following bank account :
  • Yucho Bank (Japan Post Bank)
  • Karuizawa Kokusai Koryu-kyokai (IAK)
  • Account Number 00590-2-108934

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Invitation to "Russia Day" hosted by IAK

Tatiana-san, a Russian member of IAK, will introduce Russians' life, culture etc, followed by tea party with cakes and snacks from Russia.

  • Time & Date: 1:30-4:00PM Sunday, October 4, 2015 
  • Venue: Karuizawa Chuo-kominkan 1st Floor Lecture Room 
  • Admission fee: 500yen (Ages under 12 free) 

 Come and join with your friends!