Town of Karuizawa
Located in the middle of Japan’s main island, Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture once prospered as a post station town of Nakasendo Way. In 1886, Karuizawa was discovered by foreign missionaries who sought a cool refuge from the tropical summer weather of Tokyo. Karuizawa is located in the foot of Mt. Asama, a volcano at the altitude of 1000m with lush greenery and beautiful vistas throughout the year. Karuizawa is now widely recognized as a holiday resort attracting many visitors. Even John Lennon of The Beatles fame was a big fan of Karuizawa. The town hosted the equestrian events in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and curling events in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics. Many people come to enjoy sports such as tennis, golf, skiing and ice-skating. The town has a population of 20,000 people from over 30 countries. It lies 150km from Tokyo, taking just over an hour by bullet train or a 2-hour drive by car. A nonstop bus from Haneda Airport is now available.

Outline of IAK
IAK was established in 2012 by volunteers of Karuizawa residents as a non-profit organization (NPO). The membership consist of individual members, family members and group members. There are over 250 members from 15 countries. Details of activities are as follows:
  1. Offer support and up-to-date information to foreign residents and visitors.
  2. Create opportunities for friendship between Japanese and foreigners.
  3. Cooperate with the town office in expanding Karuizawa’s international appeal. 

Membership Application
Everyone (regardless of residence, nationality or age) interested in the activities of the association is welcome. To join, please send us your name, membership type, mailing address, email address, telephone and fax to the IAK Office address below.

Annual membership dues (payable via furikomi or in person at IAK events):
  1. Individual member:¥2,000, 
  2. Family member (including the person himself): ¥2,500, 
  3. Group member: ¥10,000, 
  4. Support (donation) member: Individual ¥2,000/unit, group ¥10,000/unit.
Japan Post Bank Account number: 00590-2-108934 (Karuizawa Kokusaikoryu Kyoukai)

IAK Office
Karuizawa Kokusai-koryu Kyokai (IAK)
2141-428 Nagakura, Karuizawa, Nagano 389-0111, Japan
Tel/fax 0267-45-4101 (81-267-45-4101) E-mail: