International Association of Karuizawa (IAK)


Karuizawa Town

Located around 1,000 meters above sea level at the foot of the volcanic Mt. Asama, Karuizawa once prospered as a post station town, and then from 1890 onwards as a summer resort frequented by foreign missionariesbeforelater becoming a noted holiday resort. With lush greenery and vistas throughout the year, many people come to enjoy such sports as tennis, golf, skiing, ice-skating and curling.After the war, Karuizawa was known as a city of international friendship, culture and tourismhosting the equestrian and curling events at the 1964 and 1998 Olympics respectively, and ministerial conferences such as for various G20 and G7 summits.   

Modern-day Karuizawa faces some changesan increase in commuters to Tokyo, relocation of work-from-homeemployees from urban areas, and day-trippers (holiday-makers).

In 2020, Karuizawa declared its intent to be a “zero-carbon city to decrease its carbon dioxide emissions and conserve its greenery.


Outline of

The IAK was established in 2012 by volunteers who wereKaruizawa residents as a non-profit organization (NPO),before converting in September 2022 into simply avoluntary organization to lessen administrative restrictionsand widen its scope of activitiesIts objectives are as follows:

1. Offer support and up-to-date information to foreign residents and visitors.
2. Create opportunities for friendship between Japanese and foreigners.
3. Cooperate with the town office in expanding Karuizawa’s international appeal.


embership Application

Membership is open to anyone (regardless of residence, nationality or age) interested in the IAK’s activitiesTo join, please submit your name, required membership type, mailing address, email addressand telephone details to the IAK office:


Karuizawa Kokusai-koryu Kyokai (IAK)

2141-428 Nagakura, Karuizawa, 389-0111



Annual membership dues (payable via bank transfer (furikomi) or in person at IAK events)

1. Individual member               ¥1,500
2. Family member (including applicant) ¥2,000
3. Group member                              ¥5,000


Please send membership fees to:

Japan Post Bank: Account number 00590-2-108934 (Karuizawa Kokusai-koryu Kyokai)