Friday, June 29, 2012


  1. Established: 27th May, 2012 received NPO status
  2. Address: c/o H. Yamamoto, 2141-428, Nagakura, Karuizawa-Machi, 389-0111
    Tel/fax 0267-45-4101  E-mail:
  3. Directors:
    Managing Director: Hiroyuki Yamamoto (68)
    Senior Directors: Yoshinori Murata (74), Michiaki Takaishi (68)
    Directors: Thomas Koch (34), Kazumi Ichikawa (40)
  4. Objectives: To help Karuizawa to become a town
    • friendly to residents and visitors
    • where people with different cultural backgrounds can gather
    • that nurtures young people to respect nature and history with an international sensitivity
  5. Activity of 5 divisions:
    • Support foreign residents and visitors
    • Create opportunities for friendship between Japanese and foreign nationals
    • Exchange information among various organizations in Japan and abroad
    • Cooperation with the town planning for international appeal
    • Develop lifelong learning through international exchange
  6. Membership types and annual fees (We welcome anyone interested in the activities of this association):
    • Individual member: ¥1,000 per year
    • Family member: ¥1,500/family per year
    • Group member: ¥10,000 per year
      (Number of rights to vote is one)
    • Individual supporter (donation): ¥1,000/unit
    • Group supporter (donation): ¥10,000/unit
  7. Payment methods:
    • Cash (Residents only)
    • Post Office Account No. 00590-2-108934 Karuizawa-Kokusaikoryu-Kyokai